Update on Literature Review

Post a progress report on your literature review. How has your bibliography developed? Where are you with your reading of sources? Reading strategies for approaching this number of texts (and writing about them effectively…)?

The start to my bibliography was a bit rough. I realized I had to focus in on my topic in order to find good sources. I went to the library for help and they helped me find sources for my book. My next goal was to find some articles to had to my bibliography. Quest and JSTOR had many options when I typed in the word opium.  When I created my first bibliography I realized that after laying all my sources out together that they did not work as well together. For my  second draft of my bibliography I was able to find better sources. Now that I am writing my thesis I going through my sources to decide what I need and don’t. I am doing well with reading my sources. At first I thought I should read the complete book. I realized after trying to read the first book that was not practical.  I began to read all the intros and conclusions of the books. I would pick out key chapters to read and take notes. I usually read all the articles because they only range 10-20 pages. So that is my strategie. So far I take one book at a time and handwritten notes from intro and conclusion. I have done that for each book. This week I have starting to try to link the books together. In what ways are they similar or different. I am starting to make connections with the author’s perspective and argument.

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