Oral Presentations

I get nervous anytime I have to speak in front of a group of people. Even if I know the group of people I still get nervous. I have this habit ( I am not a fan I do it) where my hands always shake. I wish I didn’t shake in front of people but I usually do. Speeches make me nervous especially because they always count for a grade. I know public speaking is an important skill to have but I always worried that I will be graded down for things like my hands shaking that I can’t control. I wasn’t born a natural public speaker so it is something I have had to work on over the years.

To prepare for an oral presentation I always sit down and think about the worst outcome. I have to just think about the worst outcome and how unlikely it is to occur That helps me to get rid of some of my nerves. Before a presentation I like to re read my material to make sure I am informed. I look over any notes I took on books or sources. I re read introductions and conclusions of books. I make a list of important items that I what to mention. Then I take all my information and sit down to write my speech. I like to write the whole speech out to make sure I cover everything I want to say. I then leave my speech alone for at least an hour so when I come back I make sure it’s what I want to say.  Once I write my speech out I begin to practice it. After I practice for a bit I start to get a sense of what I want to say. I make notecards with points on them to remind me of main points. I begin to walk around my room and time myself practicing my speech. I do that until I feel comfortable to go in front of a crowd. Then I usually practice my speech on my roommates and any friends that happen to live in apartment. I like to say in front of them a handful of times and get timed. I also get feedback. Then I make any changes I need to. I look at my speech on final time and say a prayer. I make peace that I did the best I could and practiced. Then I just put it down till that morning say it one more time. Then I go to my class and give my speech!

My tip is you can’t compare yourself to other people giving presentations. Some people are just really good of giving presentations and don’t get nervous. Some people say um a lot or shake. People have different fears about public speaking like freezing or people judging them. It all depends on the person. I would say prepare the speech that is the best to your ability. All we can do is our best. If a manage to say all my points but I know my hands are shaking I will still be proud of myself. So just do what you need to do for your speech and don’ t worry what other people are doing or thinking about you.

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