What academic databases do you find most helpful in your research? Challenging? Why? Strengths and weaknesses? Which ones do you think you should explore further?

The database I used the most for my research so far is JSTOR. I like JSTOR because when you search a word or a phrase you can refine your results. For my topic I choose to only get journals from the Asian Studies subject. Then when you find something for your topic most articles on JSTOR have a pdf file. A strength for me for JSTOR is that mostly everything is peer reviewed (you should still double check) and that is helpful. A weakness would be it can be hard to search within your search to try to limit what articles you want to pop up. My most challenging database was Quest. I think Quest can be a good source but I struggle to use it. Also not everything on Quest is an article, peer reviewed, or a journal so I have to be careful and remember not to click anything that isn’t that. A strength for Quest is the number of sources¬†available and to explore. I can get ideas just from looking at the different options. A weakness is also the number of sources it can be hard to go through and see what you need. I think I want to explore Quest more because I learned more about it this week so it will be helpful to learn and see what I find.

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