485 Presentation

Post your take-aways from viewing a 485 paper presentation session. What are the strategies that make for an effective 485 presentation?

I attended the 9am session of Culture, Gender, and a New Military History.  I really enjoyed this session. For me what stood out was the passion each of ladies had for their topic. The first one was about paper dolls in the 1940s/1950s, next Jazz and War, and the last one about women in the El Salvador Civil War. Each of the ladies seemed to have a connection to the topic. So for me that made me want to pay attention because of all the love and effort put forth in the presentation and paper.

For strategies for the 485 presentation I would say the most important is to prepare. One because so many of the history professors were there you cannot pull a fast on them!  I think writing your presentation and going to the speaking center will help. I think having a visual to use is important. The presentation about Jazz and War had a really nice powerpoint presentation. I think it adds to your presentation. Another strategy would be to practice your presentation to your family, friends or roommates! It will be good to see if an audience understands the points you are trying to get across. Also encourage them to ask questions so you can be prepared to answer questions that you may not fully know the answer. However being able to hopefully tie to back to your topic/paper.

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