Themes in History

One of my favorite topics in any history class is Religion. I like to look into different religions and how it influences an event or society. An example would be the early Greeks they believed that if any natural disaster occurred it would because the gods were mad or displeased. The Greeks would then make an offering to the gods to ease their anger. It was amazing that we’re temples everywhere in honor of different gods. I love to see how their religion impacted their daily lives. Another theme is the different class status and how each are affected. I think it is so interesting to look at an event and to see how each social class reacted. This example comes from the book, Angel of Vengeance,  by Ana Siljak. An example would be in the 1880’s and 1890’s when the Russian Revolution was in the works it was the children of nobles who wanted the change. The wanted to speak for the lower class citizens and change the world for them. Another theme is Women’s role. For my presentation in one of my 300 level classes  I talked about Abigail Adams’ role during the American Revolution. Even if women weren’t allowed to partake or physically be at an event in history they still had a role. Some women worked through their social constraints and some women went out of the constraints.





My name is Kaylee Tye! I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.   I am a junior and studying History/Secondary Education at UMW.  I hope to one day teach in either a middle school or high school history class.

So my first image is a baby elephant and his/her mom! I am a big animal lover with elephants being my favorite. One of the reasons I love elephants is because they are a part of different countries culture and history. To be clear I did not support these animals being exploited in a circus or used for rides. I do appreciate villages where elephants and humans co-exist. The humans respect the animal because the elephants helps them survive. Also scientist say that elephants can feel. I love them for their caring and gentle nature.

Image from page 87 of "The Brooks primer" (1906)

My second image Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. I choose this image because one of the first times I realized I loved history is when I studied ancient history in middle school.  I really enjoy learning about Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and other early civilizations like Mesopotamia. One thing I like about ancient history is there is always mystery because we will never fully understand how these civilizations lived. We have good idea and lot of evidence however there is always more to discover. I feel like we have to take a moment to appreciate what the Egyptians did. Before any technology they were able to build huge pyramids

Image taken from page 1153 of 'Manners and Customs of the ancient Egyptians, ... Illustrated by drawings, etc. 3 vol. (A second series of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians. 3 vol.)'

My third image is of Jesus Christ praying. My most important thing about me is my faith. I am a Catholic and a member of UMW’s Catholic Campus Ministry. When I am not doing my school work I am hanging over at our center.  My faith is important because I learn so much. It taught me to love authenticity everyone around me.

Image from page 412 of "The story of Jesus Christ; an interpretation" (1897)


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